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Watch Accufit video

Only LensCrafters uses the exclusive AccuFit Digital Measurement System to craft custom, prescription lenses more accurately. Watch the video to see AccuFit in action.

How it works:

  • Custom fit your frames
    We adjust the frames of your choice to fit the unique contours of your face.
  • Attach the FitSensor
    Our FitSensor attaches to your frames to provide clear guiding points for your eyeglass measurements.
  • Capture digital measurements
    AccuFit precisely measures the location of your pupils and spacing of your eyes relative to your frames.
  • Find your perfect fit
    We determine the ideal placement of your AccuFit lenses, down to a tenth of a millimeter, to make your glasses, and your vision, a perfect fit.


See it all with clearer, crisper vision when your custom eyeglass and sunglass lenses are customized just for you. Roll over topics on the right for more information on ways custom made lenses help you see your world more clearly.

  • Frame Shape
    Frame Shape
    An exact frame measurement ensures we create your lenses and place your prescription in your frames correctly.
  • Lens Types
    Lens Types
    Certain lens types, such as progressive, bifocals, and trifocals, require additional measurements to ensure each vision zone (distance, intermediate, and near distance) is correctly placed, allowing you to see better than ever before.
  • Placement
    No two eyes are the same. To ensure you have perfect vision, we center your prescription on your pupils—exactly where light enters your eye.
  • Facial Features
    Facial Features
    The position and size of your nose, cheekbones, and brow affect the way your frames and lenses fit your face, and the better your frames fit, the better you’ll see.
  • Lifestyle
    The way you look through your lenses changes depending on your activities. AccuFit allows us to customize your lenses based on your distinct needs, such as reading, using the computer or playing sports.


LensCrafters' myLook™ application and LensSimulator™ work together to help you pick the best frames and lenses—making sure the perfect pair is customized to you.

Finding the perfect frames

Finding the perfect frames
How can you see what you look like in new frames if you’re not wearing your glasses? The answer is myLook. An associate will capture pictures of you in the frames you selected using our myLook camera application. Afterward, compare the photos side-by-side while wearing your current glasses and choose your style confidently.

Explore myLook.



Selecting the right lenses

Selecting the right lenses
From special coatings and tints to high definition lenses, there’s a lot to consider when choosing custom lenses. The LensSimulator lets you experience the benefits of different lenses virtually so you can determine which ones will work best for you. Come see us in store to try it out.

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