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Clearly Right For You

Clearly right for you

Glare is a part of life. What you might not know is the effect of glare on your ability to see clearly, work effectively, or even drive safely – especially if you wear glasses. Featherwates Anti-Reflective lenses reduce up to 90% of reflections. Helping your eyes experience more for longer with reduced eyestrain.

Designed to reduce up to 90% of reflections for more light, more clarity, and more life.

Clarity in life

Night Driving

Night Driving

At night, headlights from oncoming traffic can interfere with your eyesight and reaction time. Featherwates Anti-Reflective lenses reduce the effects of glare, improving reaction times by up to 5 seconds and widening your field of vision by up to 30%. With increased visual contrast and acuity, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road wherever you go.

Digital Screens

Digital Screens

The average adult American spends 8 ½ hours each day looking at a screen. The reflections caused by these strong light sources and your glasses can cause headaches, blurred vision, itchy, watery eyes and other symptoms of eyestrain. With Featherwates Anti-Reflective lenses, you can work on the computer, watch TV, check your smartphone and e-read wherever you are with less glare and fewer symptoms.

Anti-Reflective in Action

When light hits a standard lens, only some of the light goes through. The rest reflects off the surface of the lens, causing glare. Featherwates Anti-Reflective lenses are designed to minimize glare both in the front and the back of the lens. Which results in sharper, clearer vision and a more invisible lens to help you look and see your best.

Standard Lens Technology

With standard plastic lenses, a percentage of light will reflect off the front and/or back of the lens, causing glare.

Anti-Reflective Lens Technology

With Featherwates Anti-Reflective lenses, more light passes straight through to your eye, helping you see with brightness and clarity.

Find the right lens for you

Find the right lens
for you

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Find the right lens for you