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HD Lenses.


We all know high definition is a must for television. Why not for your eyes? Walking out the door with HD-ready vision means seeing every detail—the way it’s meant to be seen. Investing in quality, high definition prescription lenses ensures you’re seeing your best, for all of those moments, every day. HD lenses are designed to provide sharper vision and increased clarity, meaning colors appear more defined and details more vivid. Plus, at LensCrafters, innovations in materials and lens design help make HD eyeglass lenses lighter than standard lenses, which can help improve the appearance of eyewear by reducing thickness on the edges of your glasses.

HD lenses are designed to provide sharper vision and increased clarity, meaning colors appear more defined and details more vivid.


Digitally designed and personalized to your prescription, HD lenses, such as the LC-HD Enhanced View™ Single Vision and Progressives and Ray-Ban® RoX+, take a significant step toward personalizing your glasses to achieve the best vision possible. Standard lenses can distort vision because the frame shape isn’t considered when the lens is cut. However, with LensCrafters’ Accufit® digital measurement system, your high definition prescription lenses can be customized to your eyes with 5x the precision of manual methods—down to a tenth of a millimeter. Crafting lenses more accurately helps significantly reduce distortion that results in sharper, more vivid vision.

Customized for your eyes


While HD lenses are a viable option for those with single vision prescriptions (nearsighted or farsighted), progressive lens wearers may experience even more benefits with high definition progressive lenses. Some progressive HD lenses, like the LC-HD Enhanced View Progressive™, can be personalized to your prescription, face shape and frame for increased clarity and reduced distortion. Wearers of our high definition progressive lenses will experience a 40% wider field of vision, giving you better vision across the entire lens, resulting in improved transition between your reading and distance zones. Some progressive HD lenses are also up to 45% thinner than standard progressive lenses.

Tips for Adjusting to Your Progressive Lenses

Transitioning to progressive lenses can be a bit challenging at first, but don’t worry—it won’t be long before you’re seeing clearly all the time, at every distance!

  • Don’t switch back and forth to your old glasses—this slows down the process of retraining your brain to focus through new lenses.
  • Wear your glasses high and close to maximize the range of visibility through each lens.
  • Move your head, not your eyes. Point your nose directly at what you’d like to see and bring it into focus by moving your chin up or down.
  • Practice! Grab a magazine to read while watching TV. Go back and forth between the two to speed up getting adapted.

Digitally designed and personalized to you, HD lenses help you catch every moment in vivid vision. Choosing high definition lenses will not only help you see clearer and sharper, but this investment will ensure your lenses are also thinner, lighter and more visually appealing than standard lenses. Are you ready for a high definition experience—for your eyes?