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Testing the prescription on a pair of frames.


No one eye is alike. Which is why when it comes to choosing eyeglass lenses and helping you see your best, there are a variety of eyeglass lenses options specifically designed to help meet your individual vision needs.

Single Vision Lenses are one power from edge to edge. Typically prescribed to correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, they're the most common type of prescription lens.

Bifocal & Trifocal Lenses provide two or three focal points in one lens to help you see both close-up and far-away. These often have a distinct line in the lens to indicate where the prescription changes. This helps you know where to look to see near or far.

Progressive Lenses also known as no-line bifocals, provides near, intermediate and distance vision. Progressive lenses, such as the LC-HD Enhanced View Progressive, provide a much more natural vision because they have a more progressive transition between distance powers. Learn more about progressive lenses.

If any of these eyeglass lens types seem like they could help enhance your vision, speak to your LensCrafters associate to determine which lens type is right for you.

LensCrafters provides a variety of lens options customized for your vision and your lifestyle.


These additional eyeglass lens options may enhance the appearance of your eyeglasses, improve their performance and add protection. Learn more about the range of options available.

Scratch Resistance and Ultraviolet Protection protects your lenses and your eyes. Scratch resistance will help your lenses hold up better against wear and tear, while UV-protection drastically reduces your eyes exposure to UV rays. All of our lenses come with both scratch resistance and UV protection.

Anti-Reflective (or AR) is a durable coating that is applied to the lenses to eliminate reflection off the lens surface. It improves your night vision by reducing reflected light from oncoming cars, and also eases eyestrain from working on computers or digital devices. Plus, it allows people to see your eyes more clearly! Featherwates® Anti-Reflective lenses are a perfect example of anti-reflective in action. Both the Featherwates® Standard and Premium Anti-Reflective lenses are available in many LenCrafters stores in about an hour.

Photochromic lenses are the chameleons of the lens world - clear, dark and in between. Indoors these lenses are a clear prescription lens, yet outdoors they become a darkened prescription lens. Benefits of photochromic lenses include: increased visual comfort by reducing eye fatigue and strain, and improved contrast compared to standard plastic lenses. Learn more about the Transitions® Vantage® lens which polarizes as it darkens outdoors.

Enhancing your eyeglass experience

It's your vision. You decide the way you want to experience it, and LensCrafters can help you. We have a wide range of prescription lens types with features to help you see with perfect clarity. Find a store near you and try out our LensSimulator to see these innovative lens solutions in action.

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