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Do you find yourself removing your glasses to read something close, or taking them off to see something in the distance? This could be a sign of presbyopia, a normal age-related eye problem that changes your eye’s ability to focus, which will continue to progress over time. At first, you may find yourself holding menus or newspapers farther away. As presbyopia progresses, these small annoyances may become larger inconveniences in your daily routine. If you already wear prescription lenses, you may need to wear bifocal or progressive lenses instead.

While purchasing ready-made reading glasses at the store may seem like a quick fix, in actuality, these glasses are not personalized to you, or your prescription. Getting glasses with lenses custom-made for you will make all the difference in the way you see.


  • You need more light to see as well as you did in years past.
  • You experience increased sensitivity to glare.
  • You have difficulty reading or doing close work.
  • You find it harder to tell the difference between certain colors.
  • Your eyes take longer adjusting to dark to light or vice versa.
  • You have trouble judging distances or depths accurately.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it may be time to schedule an exam with your Independent Doctor of Optometry* to ensure you’re still seeing your best—at every age.

Enhance Your Sight


Clear vision isn’t just about finding the right prescription. Don’t worry—being diagnosed with presbyopia doesn’t mean you have to live with problems seeing near and far. Consider trying progressive lenses, a true “multifocal” lens that provides a seamless progression of lens strength. Progressive lenses’ design allows you to see at any distance—look up to see far away clearly, look ahead for intermediate vision and look down to read or to complete any other close-up activities.

If you don’t need multifocal lenses, but still wear prescription glasses, you may still benefit from wearing HD lenses, which are designed to provide sharper vision and increased clarity so colors appear more defined and details more vivid. Anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings are another valid option for anyone who uses mobile devices frequently, but especially for individuals over the age of 40 who are more susceptible to eyestrain and dry eye.

You don’t have to live with less-than-perfect vision. If you’re experiencing trouble seeing near, far or both, schedule an eye exam* to ensure you’re seeing your best, every day. Even if you don’t need multifocal lenses, a routine eye exam can help catch warning signs for age-related vision problems early, keeping your body healthy and your vision clear.

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