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Know your eyewear and be super savvy about what shapes and features make sense for you. Stroll through the LensCrafters' eyeglasses and sunglasses guide to learn more.


No matter what your eyewear is made of, its basic anatomy looks like this.

Discover all the parts of a frame by clicking on the carousel.

frame 1
+ Eye wires
+ End pieces
+ Screws
+ Temple tips
frame 2
+ Top bar
+ Nose pad
+ Bridge
frame 3
+ Hinge
+ Lenses
+ Pad Arms


From high fashion to extreme sports, there's a frame shape for every look and lifestyle.

Butterfly shapes icon

Feminine and graceful, it has the
shape of its namesake.

Shop butterfly shapes
Cat-eye shapes icon

Feminine and classic with a distinctive
upswept edge.

Shop cat-eye shapes
Pillow shapes icon

A softly curved rectangular silhouette
with graceful feminine lines.

Shop pillow shapes
Square shapes icon

A symmetrical shape where the
dimensions of the front are equal to the sides.

Shop square shapes
pilot shapes icon

A traditional teardrop shape,
also called Aviators.

Shop pilot shapes
irregular shapes icon

Catch-all frame name for unusual shapes
like heart, trapezoid, or raw cut.

Shop irregular shapes
oval shapes icon

An elongated horizontal shape with a
softly, rounded curve.

Shop oval shapes
rectangular shapes icon

A traditional wider top and
bottom and shorter sides.

Shop rectangle shapes


Different frames with different rim styles,
created to fit any face.

Full rim frame type icon

Full rim type frames

A frame style where the lens is completely surrounded by a frame.

Semi-rimless frame type icon

Semi-rimless type frames

A frame style with the lens partially surrounded by a top-only frame.

Rimless frame type icon

Rimless type frames

A style that features no rim at all; the lens appears to float attaching directly to temples with pins or screws.

Find your look


Discover all the different materials and how they're created.

Materials image


Acetate and Injection Molded frames feel like plastic and come in a vast array of colors. Injection-molding is a process where melted nylon or plastic is forced into a mold.


Metal frames include sleek silver, nickel, bronze, titanium, or steel. They can be painted or finished with a coating for a matte or brushed effect.

Materials image

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