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At LensCrafters, we love your eyes

Enhance Your View

Near or far, the LC-HD Enhanced View progressive lens provides you with natural, comfortable sight with a wider field of vision, improving the vision clarity of a standard progressive lens by 30%. Plus, the lens can be personalized to your prescription using the latest AccuFit technology.

Designed to eliminate virtually all distortion, helping you see all distances with better clarity.

Outlook: Clear

Thinner Lenses
Lenses that are too heavy or too thick for certain frames can keep you from feelingóand seeingóyour best. The LC-HD Enhanced View progressive lens is 45% thinner** than standard progressive lenses, for a better look and greater comfort.

Wider View
With a 40% wider field of vision than a typical progressive lens, the LC-HD Enhanced View progressive lens gives you better vision across the entire lens, resulting in improved transition near or far.

Sharper, Clearer Vision
Enjoy less distortion with the LC-HD Enhanced View progressive lens, which is customized to fit your face shape, prescription and frame. Vision clarity is increased by 30% to sharpen your vision and reduce your visual fatigue.

Outlook: Clear

Your Vision, Custom-Made

Standard progressive lenses can distort vision because the frame shape isnít considered when the lens is cut. However, our AccuFit system will take 3 additional measurements to customize your lens to your frame, your prescription, and your face shape, significantly reducing distortion and resulting in sharper, more vivid vision.

Standard Lens Technology

The standard progressive lens does not take the profile of the frame into account, which can cause distortion—evident by the wavy lines in the field of view.

Enhanced View Progressive Lens

The LC-HD Enhanced View progressive lens is cut according to your measurements, helping eliminate virtually all distortion. Straight lines within the field of vision indicate increased clarity and sharpness.

**Only plus power prescription lenses are 45% thinner than a standard progressive lens.