Ralph Lauren

"Cars take you somewhere, but the
journey is more than just getting from one
place to another. There's an experience
that is unique to each car."

Ralph Automotive Collection

In 1967, New York-born Ralph Lauren introduced the world to an iconic brand of luxury and elegance that redefined American style. He quickly became known for quality products and a classic East Coast aesthetic. The devoted patriarch of his family, Ralph Lauren has led a style movement that has defined American aristocracy. For nearly half a century, Ralph Lauren has stood for an elegant lifestyle that defines boundaries and invites us into the dream. His name remains an enduring symbol of modern glamour and true American elegance.

Ralph Automotive Collection

Ralph Lauren has made a lasting imprint on the fashion world with his collections for men and women.

Today, his signature themes extend into the world of Ralph Lauren eyewear. With their sleek modernity and classic proportions, each pair of glasses is a vivid expression of the elegant, sophisticated dream created by Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren - Collections for men and women


Inspired by equestrian sport, the
iconic Ralph Lauren stirrup detail
can be found on many of the
brand's eyewear designs.

Stirrup Decoration


A signature detail of Ralph Lauren
Eyewear, the Logo Plaque embodies
the understated elegance of the
Ralph Lauren brand.

Logo Plaque


Ralph Lauren frames feature classic proportions and shapes with iconic details and
often elaborate colorations. The attention to detail and frame
materials are hallmarks of the brand.

Iconic details

Polo Ralph Lauren celebrates a signature vision of spirited American style for men and women. Timeless and authentic, Polo Ralph Lauren is the continuing symbol of modern-day American style: easy, energetic, young, and cool.

Featured frames

Traditional Styling with
a Modern Touch

Polo Ralph Lauren

Fresh and romantic, Ralph is the
epitome of fashion for young women.
Ralph Lauren eyeglasses and sunglasses are
an accessible expression of the designer's spirit.

Ralph Lauren Eyewear - Fresh and romantic

With optical styles for kids ages 5 through 15,
Polo Prep represents a celebrated vision of classic yet
spirited American style in children's eyewear. Frames
are inspired by Ralph Lauren children's apparel
and incorporate the iconic Polo logo.

Polo Ralph Lauren - Kids


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