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Finding glasses that work well with your face shape will help you feel the most confident wearing them.
You can use the contours of glasses to highlight what you like best about your features.

Oval face shape

Oval face If you have balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead, all frame shapes work. You may like how rectangle, square and cat-eye styles balance the curve of your face.

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Round face shape

Round face For those with a soft, circular face shape, where the width and length are almost equal bold angles may complement the curves. Try rectangle, square and cat-eye styles.

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Heart face shape

Heart-shaped face
If you have a broad forehead and narrow jawline and chin, styles that are softer at the top of the frame or wider at the bottom provide balance. Try butterfly or round eyeglasses.

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Square face shape

Square-shaped face
Softer shapes, like oval frames, balance the strong angles of your forehead, cheeks, and jaw. Try eyeglass frames wider than the widest part of the face to enhance the effect.

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Have you ever wondered about all the different frame shapes?
Here's a list of the most popular frame shapes and how to know if they'll flatter you.

Rectangle frame shape

Rectangle Hard lines work well for those with natural curves to their face, and those with circular faces will love the slimming effect.

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Square frame shape

Square Square-shaped glasses flatter those with curved faces, and bring balance to a face that's longer than it is wide.

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Oval frame shape

Oval The curves of oval frames work well with angular faces. They look especially glamorous as oversized sunglasses.

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Cat Eye frame shape

Cat Eye This is an iconic style favored by some of the best-known tastemakers and especially flattering to rounder face shapes.

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Semi Rimless frame shape

Semi-rimless Adding the top rim to a rimless pair of glasses gives this conservative style a bolder appearance.

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Round frame shape

Round These are the most classic eyeglass shapes. They are particularly flattering for square-shaped faces.

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Butterfly frame shape

Butterfly This dramatic style can flatter a variety of face shapes œ while making a bold statement.

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Geometric frame shape

Geometric This fun, futuristic look has lots of angles to flatter the curves of an oval or circular face.

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Pilot frame shape

Pilot Pilot or aviator-style glasses, made popular by many iconic films and often used for sunglass styles, can flatter heart shaped faces; the width at the bottom helps balance proportions.

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Rimless frame shape

Rimless Rimless glasses offer a clean, conservative style. It also appeals to those looking for a ?no-glasses” look.

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Pillow frame shape

Pillow Pillow-shaped glasses look like a squared-off circle. Most commonly seen as sunglasses, they are a good in-between for those who find rectangle too angular or oval too soft.

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The color of your frames is a great way to complement your looks and express your style.
Here are some tips for working with your features.

Hair Color

Hair Color Blacks and blues generally work for blondes or brunettes with cool, dark undertones. Reds or coppers can be good for warmer tones. Black or green works well on redheads for contrast. A bright red makes a fun statement if you have gray hair.

Skin Color

Skin Color For lighter skin tones, tortoise is a flattering bold option, and pink for a subtle complement. Green frames work for medium skin tones; so does a statement-making bright, like red. Clear glasses work for those with darker skin tones, and black or brown can flatter too.

Eye Color

Eye Color Frames that have a bit of your eye color in them almost always work. Try blue frames if your eyes are blue, green for green or hazel eyes, and brown or tortoise for brown eyes. Something high contrast - say black for light eyes - can make your eyes really stand out.

Frame measurements are listed as numbers in millimeters. For some, the standard fit is just right.
Others will be more comfortable in petite or wider frames, and we have lots of options for both.

Standard Fit Standard fit glasses are designed to fit most faces. The combined lens and bridge widths generally measure anywhere between 64 - 72mm.

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Skin Color

Petite fit Sometimes standard-sized eyewear can overwhelm your face or features. If you feel standard frames are too big for your face, you may prefer petite frames, where the lens and bridge adds up to 63 mm or less.

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Wide fit If eyeglasses have been uncomfortable due to a tight fit in the past a wider frame — with a lens and bridge width greater than or equal to 73 mm — might be just right. A few extra millimeters can make the difference between a too-snug and perfect fit.

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The material you choose also changes the way
your glasses look - and can change how you feel in them too

Material - Metal

Metal Are you looking for a clean, conservative look? Metal is an option you'll love. It comes in shiny or matte finishes, with matte giving you even more of an understated effect. The added bonus of metal: no nose slippage.

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Material - Plastic

Plastic Colors look bolder when you choose our plastic frames, and many people find plastic the most comfortable option.

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Material - Titanium

Titanium These are strong frames for those who are highly active. For those who like everything about metal frames, but have allergies, they're also hypoallergenic.

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Get ahead of the curve with Ray-Ban Rounds, the newest go-to shape
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Collection Spotlight
Collection Spotlight

Collection Spotlight
Third Culture Eyewear

Inspired by the colors and customs of New Zealandís Maori people, Third
Culture weaves adventure and discovery into an exclusive new eyewear
collection that reflects the beauty of a windswept landscape. Vibrant jewel
tones and earthly naturals swirl into richly hued acetates that mimic shells
and woodcuts. Subtle detailing, wave-shaped temples, and flat metals
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Collection Spotlight
Collection Spotlight


Ray-Ban LiteForce takes iconic design to the next level of
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Decked with intricate metalwork, the sunglasses
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story add a touch of sophistication to your
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Coach Legacy Chain

Coach Legacy Chain

With sleek links and modern metal, this chic
bracelet is the inspiration for the Coach®Legacy
Chain Collection of fashion-forward eyewear.

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Give your little ones a touch of magic with frames
from the Disney® eyewear collection. Featuring
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Decked with exclusive, eye-catching details MADE WITH
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Sporty meets stylish. Presenting a collection of
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The Clubmaster® by Ray-Ban® is a retro-chic icon for every
generation. First worn by counter-culture intellectuals and civil
rights leaders, the Clubmaster is just as fashionable today with
classic curves and ageless lines. Remaster yours with lightweight
aluminum or a pop of color.

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