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Measuring your vision


Digital technology has transformed the eye exam* with new precision tools that give you and your doctor a more complete picture of your eye health and vision. For many eye doctors, advanced diagnostics have replaced older eye test methods. In fact, the familiar Snellen eye chart, with its rows of decreasingly smaller type may be the only old school tool you’re likely to recognize. After that, it’s high tech all the way.

New means fewer questions, more answers, and a shorter exam. Digital imaging eye care technology captures the most detailed information. Your doctor can share it with you instantly using an image that makes sense. You get a quicker, deeper dive. And that means the eye exam* is more meaningful to your overall health.

An independent or employed Doctor of Optometry is located in or next door to every LensCrafters store.


VISION PROFILER - Provides a detailed visual profile that’s like a fingerprint of your eye. It can even detect the differences in how your eye sees during daylight and nighttime.

LENS PROFILER - This digital lens meter measures your current prescription instantly and accurately. Then it calculates a prescription starting point so there’s no guesswork. It gives your eye doctor a quick baseline before starting your eye exam and can simulate a comparison of your before and after vision—an amazing ‘Wow’ moment.

DIGITAL RETINAL SCAN - The digital retinal technology lets your doctor see a detailed image of your eye It digitally scans your eyes then prints out a ‘map’ of your interior eye system to give your doctor a clear, comprehensive look at your eye health. Since there’s often no dilation, you’re on your way without sensitivity to light or difficulty focusing.

Looking inside your eye.

Eye exams* should be convenient, insightful, and stress-free. The very latest eye care innovation and a personalized solution is just an appointment away. Schedule your eye exam* with Independent Doctors of Optometry, located in or next door to your LensCrafters store. If it's been a while since you've been examined, or you still have questions, learn what to expect at your eye exam.