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The gift of sight.

Since 1988, LensCrafters has supported OneSight. Today, our associates and independent doctors have helped provide crisp,clear vision to millions around the world.

Worldwide, 733 million people suffer from poor vision. An eye exam and glasses could restore sight for more than half a billion people. All people deserve to see their very best to work, read and look into the faces of those they love. That's why LensCrafters supports OneSight to provide better sight for all.

You'll find the mission of OneSight embraced by all of us at LensCrafters, from the Independent Doctors* to store associates to lens technicians, who regularly volunteer for missions. In fact, there are LensCrafters representatives on every trip OneSight takes. Our technology drives the on-site labs that bring the gift of sight to so many.

Browse below to hear real stories from the field, watch videos, and learn more ways you can play a role in this important cause.


Give the gift of sight

Directly support vision care and glasses for millions of people in need with your tax-deductible contribution. Visit your local LensCrafters store to donate funds and help someone in need.

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Stories From the Field

Have a look at the world of OneSight and the LensCrafters volunteers who help make their work possible.

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View Photos

See the many faces of OneSight, from LensCrafters employees to the people we've helped around the world.

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Watch Videos

From new milestones to aid in South Africa, there are many stories worth watching.

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Get Involved

Learn how you can help give the gift of sight to people a world away.

Exclusive Oakley®
Onesight edition eyewear

LensCrafters is proud to share exclusive, limited edition Oakley OneSight eyewear designed to help generate awareness and funds for vision care outreach. For every Oakley OneSight limited edition frame sold, LensCrafters will donate $10 to help fund OneSight programs.

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    Learn about volunteer opportunities and other ways to donate. 96% of all monetary donations directly support the cause. Visit now