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Learn more about the benefits of Transitions Vantage lenses, the only Transitions lenses with variable polarization technology.

See life in the best light

If your day takes you indoors to out — or between dusky shade and brilliant sun — Transitions Vantage lenses might be for you. Not only do they adapt to changing light conditions, they also polarize as they darken, reducing glare so you can see life in crisp definition and vivid color outdoors. Let your vision keep up with your active life, all day, every day.

As the lens changes color, your vision gets crisper, sharper, and more vivid.

From clear to dark,

Inside your home or car**, Transitions Vantage lenses are virtually clear. But once they're exposed to direct sunlight, they react to UV rays by simultaneously becoming darker and more polarized as the light brightens.

**Transitions Vantage lenses are not designed to activate behind a car windshield.
From clear to dark, on demand
Breakthrough Polarization Technology

polarization technology

Until recently, polarization was only available as a static film applied to a lens. And because it was tinted, it was never an option for clear lenses. Transitions Vantage found a solution by creating lens molecules that not only change color when exposed to sunlight, but also align to the precise angle at which light reaches the eye.

The result is the only light-adaptive lens that's polarized to minimize image-dulling glare and light scatter. So you enjoy sharper, crisper vision, a brilliant spectrum of color, and advanced protection from harmful UV rays.

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