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This is Oakley. The brand known for world-class sport eyewear, unrivaled innovation, and a unique design philosophy.
Form is function, design is art, and everything should perform with a purpose.

An icon with an attitude.

Inspired by legendary screen heroes and built with the latest technologies, Holbrook™ remains one of Oakley’s most popular models, combining a timeless design with innovative performance features.

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The iconic O is your certificate for
uncompromising Oakley quality.

Game changing

Founded on quality and performance innovation, Oakley eyewear is designed to deliver unrivaled vision benefits and all-day comfort for sport and life beyond.

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Never go out of style

Inspired by historic screen heroes and built using the latest technology, Holbrook™ is one of Oakley’s most iconic lifestyle frames that brings together performance design and timeless style.

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Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses

Built the Oakley way with athletes in mind, perfectly fitted to your Oakley frame.

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UV protection with premium anti-reflective treatment

Enhanced scratch resistance and 100% UV protection. Plus it repels water and oil to prevent smudges, keeping your lenses cleaner for longer.

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Lens choices will be available upon selecting your frame

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