Oakley sunglasses
& eyeglasses

This is Oakley. The brand known for world-class sport eyewear, unrivaled innovation, and a unique design philosophy. Form is function, design is art, and everything should perform with a purpose.

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A game-changing

Oakley eyeglasses are designed with performance in mind, using innovative, lightweight materials and the latest in lens technology for active and digital lifestyles.

Centerboard always wins

Oakley’s uncompromising approach to craftsmanship is reflected in this fresh shape with sculptural detailing. Showcasing the brand’s quality and attention to detail, Centerboard is lightweight, comfortable, and designed for those who aspire to the Oakley brand.

LensCrafters Exclusive

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Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses

Game-changing performance for sports and the active lifestyle.

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Oakley® Stealth™ Anti-Reflective

Advanced protection RX lenses for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

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Lens choices will be available upon selecting your frame

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Fully equipped to elevate
your game.

Sport has changed. And your new toughest opponent? You. Discover Oakley NXTLVL glasses for gamers with headset compatible temples and TRUBRIDGE™ technology for best-in-class fit.

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Oakley lens benefits

Oakley Signature

The iconic O is your certificate for
uncompromising Oakley quality.

Pushing the limit

Designed to stand out, Oakley sunglasses take sports eyewear to a new level with sleek, futuristic designs and cutting edge lenses for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

An icon with an attitude.

Inspired by legendary screen heroes and built with the latest technologies, Holbrook™ remains one of Oakley’s most popular models, combining a timeless design with innovative performance features.

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OO9417 59 From


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