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Book an eye exam
for you and your family
Book an eye exam
for you and your family

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- NEW -

Transitions® XTRActive New Generation

The latest evolution in light-responsive lenses provides
superior performance across a range of light situations - even in the car!


We offer a wide range of quality lenses for all lifestyles and vision needs.


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Discover the new collections
Discover new collection
from your favorite eyewear brands Discover all brands and the latest innovations in clear and sun lens technology

Lens technology has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Discover our extensive range of high-quality lenses and find the one that best fits your lifestyle.

Discover more
, like treatments designed to filter blue light

Blue Light filtration helps reduce exposure to blue light from natural sources and digital screens, which can improve sleep patterns and reduce eye fatigue.

Discover more
or aid nighttime driving.

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The first generation of smart glasses that keeps you connected.

Capture, share & listen with Ray-Ban Stories.
Available in prescription and non-prescription, with a choice of sun and clear lenses.


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At LensCrafters we accept most insurance plans, including

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Aetna logo
Humana logo
United Healthcare logo
Eyemed Plus logo

and many others, both online and in store.

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Minimalist designs

Our journey through the latest trends in eyewear continues with a focus on timeless, minimalist styles that turn simplicity into an art form.

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Our doctors

LensCrafters optometrists are eye health experts working with the latest vision technology, but their approach to vision care remains truly personal – focusing on what brings you joy in life, as well as your prescription needs. The final experience? Quality service tailored to you and your eyes.

Find a doctor now, or watch our Doctor Tips video series on eye health and vision care basics.

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EyeMed, Aetna, Humana
We accept most vision insurance plans online, saving you time and money.
Discover more
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