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How well you see the world makes a big difference in how you experience each moment. Click the video links below to learn about the importance of regular eye exams, prescription sunglasses and more when it comes to seeing and feeling your best, every day.

What to Expect at an Eye Exam
Julie & Marianne - a patient story
Alayna - a patient story
HD Lenses
Prescription Sunglasses

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Vision Health and Life

Discover ways you can keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear, from an annual eye exam* at LensCrafters to protection from harmful UV rays.

Daily Eye Care
Why Vision Matters
Kid's Eye Exams
Vision as You Age
All About FSA

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Work and Play

Explore how life behind a desk or out in the sun can affect your vision and eye health, and how LensCrafters eyewear can help you be at your best, at work and play.

Protecting Your Eyes From Blue Light
All About Digital Eye Strain
Living with Eye Allergies
Performance Sun Lenses
The Right Lens for Your Lifestyle

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The Science of Visual Clarity

Learn about the innovations in technology that assist in measuring your vision and determining your prescription, and the different types of lenses that help you see your best.

HD Lenses
Progressive Lenses
The Science of Lenses
Prescriptions Explained
Innovations in Eyecare

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When did you last
Think About Your Eyes?

We're a proud partner of Think About Your Eyes and its mission to educate people on the importance of vision health and annual eye exams. Visit now to learn more and share your vision care story.


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