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The OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation aims to eliminate uncorrected poor vision in a generation by creating sustainable access to vision care and providing free eye exams and glasses for those most in need. Good vision is a fundamental human right, yet poor vision still affects 2.7 billion people worldwide, with 90% of these people living in developing communities with limited access to vision care and awareness of vision issues. It doesn’t have to be this way: join us and learn more about our mission to eliminate uncorrected poor vision worldwide.


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The Onesight

The OneSight

Every minute, the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation positively impacts 20 lives by providing them with the life-changing benefits of clear vision. With a mission to help everyone, everywhere see more and be more, they are committed to creating a world where access to vision care is universal. Donations from customers make this vital work possible. Show your support by considering a donation to the Foundation during your next visit to a LensCrafters store. Together, let's make a difference and bring the gift of clear vision to those in need.

A legacy of partnership

LensCrafters: A Legacy of
and Giving Back

For the past 35 years, LensCrafters has been a proud partner of OneSight, now the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation. Together, we have built a legacy of transforming lives through clear vision. With 7,600 employees, including affiliated doctors, who have volunteered their time and expertise, and over 158,000 vouchers distributed, we have made a significant impact in providing access to vision care. Our partnership has raised over 21 million dollars in the last decade, contributing to the mission of eliminating uncorrected poor vision in a generation.

What we believe

This is a problem we can solve

This is a problem
can solve

Since 2013, the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation has provided 656 million people with sustainable vision care through 24,200 primary vision care entrepreneurs and 228 vision centers. Together, these activities have helped correct and protect the vision of 65.1 million people.

You make it possible


Foundation would not be able to do what has and will be done without support from people like you. Please consider donating with your purchase the next time you visit a LensCrafters store.

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